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Mountain Vista

This commissioned piece is gorgeous. The slab of wood has beautiful variegated color, natural indents and pockets, curved shape with live edges. The actual clock is a simple movement with wood gears, with the artist placing gears behind carved open channels.  This clock was designed to highlight this exceptional wood.

The wood measures 18" H x 8' W x and weights approximately 100 lbs. 

Tennessee Football Power T Clock

This awesome handmade clock is a fun addition for any University of Tennessee football fan or collector.  The bright orange and white color with black gear clock movement and spinning football will brighten the wall of any age UT fan.  Each clock will come with an interchangeable basketball, a certificate and official UT hologram sticker.  Note: Limited number available.

The clock measures 20" H x 24" W

Smoky Mountain Time is authorized to sell the Power T Clock by the University of Tennessee with a College Crafter License.


All the time pieces on this page have found a forever home.

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Shop at the Smoky Mountain Time Store
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Scandinavian Elegance

This handmade grandmothers clock has a simple, clean, minimal and elegant open frame that is inspired from Scandinavian design and fits into any decor. This clock has decorative weights and pendulum and comes in a variety of finishes to fit your home or business. The clock measures 6' H x 20" W.

Mountain Splendor

This custom clock is made from an old maple tree with cherry wood gears, black accent and a solid cherry base.  
The 3" slab of maple is beautifully figured with natural color and live edges.  Not only is this clock beautiful to look at, but it is a timeless heirloom to hand down to future generations.  Another one-of-a-kind in the monolith series.

The clock measures 7' H x 20" W and weights approximately 75 lbs.

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Cherry Mantle or Wall Clock

This beautiful little gear movement clock  fits into any decor. These clocks are solid cherry with a satin finish and blond or black and gold accents. Each clock is different and The clocks measure anywhere from 18" H x 14" W to 30" H x 18"W.

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Seductive Motion and Seductive Motion II

This beautiful handmade clock is free flowing and graceful to the eye.  The clock movement is made from wood gears and sprockets that are connected by sections of unique wood link chain.  The gear and chain movement and swinging pendulum create a mesmerizing motion, drawing your eye from one side of the clock to the other. This interesting time piece is an attention grabber and conversation generator suitable for any home or business. 

Dark walnut with light color gears and copper face plate

Seductive Motion measures 14" H x 30" W - Seductive Motion II measures 18" H x 40" W

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Walnut Explosion

This naturally and fantastically shaped wood was cut from a local Tennessee black walnut tree. The wood has naturally beautiful variegated color. The actual clock movement is made from wood gears, with the artist adding a wood link chain to enhance the carved stone finished wood organic face plate.  This is a one-of-a-kind time piece that is beyond compare.

The wood measures 2' H x 4' -5” W x and weights approximately 30 lbs.