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Monolith Series and Custom Clocks

(All of the clocks in this category are one-of-a-kind original pieces.)

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Mountain Majesty

This beautiful handmade clock is made from an old elm tree stump that has been preserved to last a lifetime. The wood has natural coloration, reminiscent of tortoiseshell, that accents and complements any décor. The actual clock movement* is made from wood gears and sprockets that are connected by 10' of unique wood link chain. The slow mesmerizing movement of the gears and chain draw the eye and it becomes an instant conversation piece.  This truly is an original timepiece, you will never find another one like it,  a real one-of-a-kind piece of art no one else will have.

The clock measures 4' H x 4' W and weights approximately 60 lbs, which easily mounts on the wall.

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*All of our clock movements are powered by an electric 1 rpm synchronous clock motor.

Name: Mountain Majesty


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